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For ages 3 months to 24 months, For ages 3 to 48 months



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13 – 40 lbs, 6 – 18 kg


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THE WORLD BEST BABY POOL FLOAT – You can take this to the beach and pool. Also, a great idea to use in a bathtub to get your baby comfortable and confident in the water. Our Mambobaby float introduces babies and infants to the water in a safe and fun way. infants float on their backs and enjoy the feeling of the water and their surroundings. Older babies can be on their tummies so they are able to interact and watch all of the fun. The float allows babies to kick and paddle so they’re getting to know important swimming skills. Suitable for babies up from 3 months – 4 years old**.

PATENTED TECHNOLOGY – Our Mambobaby Float has gone waterproof with more safety features to create the perfect new generation swim trainer for every baby. Our unique PearlFoam™ material is for the next generation of water buoyancy swim assist aids with waterproof high-quality skin.

SAFETY – NEW button lock catch and larger harness vest so the baby doesn’t slip when they are paddling. Two-button hole and velcro to adjust. Double safety clasp, dual protection safety. It consists of a multiple harness system that is easy to use. Thick padded adjustable crotch and chest strap. Extra security with leg support to avoid the baby slipping out or flipping forward.Can use repeatedly and for a long time. Built for strong durability.

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS – A UV shade Canopy with SunSmart UV Protection 50+ to block out those harmful sun rays. Upgrade to 3 wearing modes, breaststroke, backstroke, and stand mode for elder toddlers. Suitable for babies from 3 months to 4 years old.

Mambobaby NO.07 Airplane VS Mambobaby Classic Chest Floats

[Different designs] Float NO.7 Airplane is the first design work of our newly hired designer. It is very popular among our customers. Now it has become the star product of our store.

[Different canopies] The canopy of the NO.7 Airplane is foldable while the other is not.

[Different swimming modes] NO.7 Airplane has three swimming modes-backstroke/breaststroke/stand while the other float only has two modes-backstroke/breaststroke. This means if you buy NO.7, you can save the money on buying a waist float when your kid grows older.

[Different applicable age range] NO.7 Airplane is applicable for babies from 3 months to up to 4 years** while the other float is applicable for babies of 3 months to 2 years, which means you may need to buy a waist float for your kid when he/she is 2 years old.

[Different Fabric] NO.7 Airplane uses better waterproof fabric which is much softer. Used in many high-end sofas**Note: Airplane No.07 has a stand mode to allow toddlers to use it. The buoyancy of the product is sufficient. And they won’t need the straps between the legs and also the velcro anymore(2 years up). Unzip the velcro and enjoy the swimming!

Why isn't there any zipper head on the fabric cover?

According to the toy safety standards, no products shall have anyparts smaller than 31.7mm, so as to avoid the possibility of babiesaccidentally eating them once they fall off. Hence, the zipper headdesign has been replaced by enclosed design.

Do the products smell? Will the liner rot after long-term use in water?

No,our products do not smell. Made from Pearl-Foammaterials. our products are air free, environment-friendly,light,flexible and durable. Besides, they have beenaccredited by GB6675,EN 13138 and ASTM F963 safetystandards. Please restassured to use them.

Are the products really safe? Will they overturm forward or flip from sides?

Yes. Compared to inflatable swimming floats, our productsare safer as they are free from air leakage. Besides, theyhave greater buoyancy on water and are equipped withdouble safety buckles. However, they must be used inshallow water under adult supervision to ensure greatersafety of babies.

Can any of these be used in the ocean (gentle waves)?

It’s not recommended to use in the ocean or deep water because it’s not life-saving device. Please use in the private pool, tub, spa, beach or lake under adults' supervision. 

Can baby be placed in both breast stroke position and back stroke position?

Yes, but for over 6 months baby, we suggest that it would be better to keep breaststroke position when using this baby swimming float,it will be more safe.

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Customer Reviews

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No need to inflate

We love this floatie. No air to mess around with, doesn't take a lot of space, super safe. Our daughter loves this floatie! It was worth the money. We put her in it and she immediately starting kicking to swim with us! I also feel like it next to impossible to flip over with the added shark tail. She loves it! She can lay on her back or belly. I just wish there was a way to make it so she could sit straight down as well. She just wanted to stand in the water for a while and I didn't want to take her out but it still worked.

rr rr
Self Inflatable Toddler Float

This self inflatable toddler float is perfect! The material is so smooth and soft, non irritating on the skin unlike a plastic/rubber float. This is great for beginner little swimmers. I love the self inflating feature so much. I do have to blow this up a bit to get it fully inflated more quickly. I also love it's easy to deflate and store in the pull toggle drawstring bag that came with it for easy storage and travel. I use this for when I go service a Deaf Blind student I work with to keep their tracheotomy out of the water. I do wish I had gotten the one with the sunshade on it, as sometimes bright light can still affect my student. All around an amazing pool float for your little swimmers. A+!!!

Autumn P
It's great

I used this recently on a family trip to Florida. My 8 month old was struggling to understand, on land, that if she moves her legs, she can be more mobile. I put her in this in the kiddy pool at the hotel we stayed at. She could reach the bottom of the pool push herself around. Now she crawls! The product itself is easy to inflate and just as easy to deflate. It's even easy to out it back in the storage bag!

Great float wish it had a shade

This float is great for young babies who are best suited for being on their tummies in the water. It is very sturdy and even inflates itself as advertised by twisting a knob. For safety, there is a velcro strap that adjusts across the child's back as well as two button straps for extra security. Unlike other products, it deflates and rolls back up easily into it's carry bag without too much effort. It actually deflates as your roll it up for storage keeping. The only that would have been a great addition especially for babies is if it had a sunshade.

Works great for baby

We bought this to use for our 6 mo old in an indoor pool. It self inflates which is a major bonus. It was easy to use and comfortable for our daughter. She had a blast and it made it so easy for us to enjoy time in the water with her. It was simple to roll back up. I wish the bag was a little bigger, there is no way it will fit back inside once it has been inflated, but that is not a big deal

Mambobaby No.7 Airplane


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