Mambobaby Float is the Famous Non-inflatable Baby Float which makes it the SAFEST and the most COMFORTABLE baby float ever!

Introduce your child to the water slowly, in a safe, secure way so that they feel supported, such as in their parent’s arms or in the Mambobaby Float

— For 3 to 24 months

Create a delightful play space for your baby to
move & explore on their own starting at 2 weeks in the Mambobaby Neck Float

— For 2 weeks+

— For more age ranges

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Gift Your kids The Power To Swim With Mambobaby float

Now no more fear and risk. You should not keep your baby from the fun and health involved in swimming. Rather, you can do something to keep him safe. There are many swim ring floats for babies available in the market. True that you can't rely on them completely and blindly. You want the best for your child and keeping this in consideration, Mambobaby has launched the very reliable, Air-Free Swim Ring Float PRO. 

100 ideas to play the Large 12-Piece Wooden Rainbow Stacker

What age is Our 12-Piece rainbow suitable for? This is a question that I regularly hear. either way. So from what age it is recommended and up to what age. Personally, I think he can be fun for children from one and a half years. They can discover and play with it. It is a toy that can take a beating and it has no small elements and is therefore not dangerous. The paint is also non-toxic, so putting it in the mouth is no problem. As your child gets older, it can do much more with it.