Product Details

  • We designed our Baby Bandana Bibs to be extra absorbent, easy to put on, and comfortable to wear for your baby. Our Drool Bib can last you 1 whole day without any change of clothes. Your precious little one will feel clean and dry all day long.
  • Adjustable and high-quality plastic snaps, each baby bandana bibs come with 2 plastic snaps, bibs stay in place and your baby won’t be able to pull them off!
  • Made with premium organic cotton, backed with ultra-absorbent plushy fleece and intricate stitchings, giving your baby the ultimate luxury.
  • Our Baby Bandana Bibs are so soft and plushy to wear that your baby will not mind putting it on all day long. Soft edges ensure that your baby does not feel scratchy or itchy while having the bib on.
  • Bandana Drool Bibs for both newborns and toddlers can be used on a variety of occasions. This baby bib is quite appropriate for a baby when eating, drinking, playing, drooling, etc. No matter at home or go out, just wear our dribble bibs and enjoy your happy family time!
  • Washing instructions: Recommended to hand wash or machine wash in cold water with mild detergent. Lay flat to air dry or use a gentle cycle and dry on the lowest setting in the dryer. Improper machine washing and drying may cause color or shape alteration.

Customer Reviews

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Beth K.
Nice but buttons not reliable

Love the fabric and design. Cool but absorbent for the season but the snaps are cheap and a couple are already broken and they haven't even made it thru first wash.Also they shrunk in wash with cool water and delicate low heat, less dry setting.

Cute and comfy for baby!

These are really cute, and really nice quality. 100% cotton, and comfy for baby. There were a few patterns that I felt were very girly, but most of the patterns I felt were boyish. Not really unisex in my opinion, but the patterns were cute.

Joey N.
Soft bib with durable clasps

My little man has been teething and these bibs are great at absorbing the drool! We have to change the bib every so often because he such a drooler! (Good thing they came in a pack of 10!) They feel so comfortable and have two different places to button, which makes the bib fit better! I love the cute designs; however, I wish I could have ordered boy designs only. When using the bib during mealtime, I always rinse it well and soak it in stain remover to keep it from getting stains.


The designs on these baby bibs are okay. I could say there are only a few that i like. The material on these is cotton. They are not too thick but also not too thin. They do tend to absorb pretty well so baby will not he getting dirty with these on. I feel like because they are white they will get dirtier. These come with two buttons on back to tie up, one for a tighter fit and one for looser.

Expensive, But Organic Cotton

My 4 month old goes through 5 drool bibs a day, at least, so it's nice to have extras on hand. These drool bibs are soft, absorbent, and wash easily. It says unisex bibs, but some patterns are more feminine, and some patterns are more masculine in my humble opinion. I love that they are made from organic cotton!

Musiln Cotton Baby Bibs boys & girls 10pcs/lot