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  • Mambobaby shoulder float keeps your kid comfortable in the water, which has an anti-forward and backward design with four points secured float towing, safe and stable.
  • Fits for Children weight from 6.5 to 20 kg. Suitable for Kids from 2 to 5 years. Adjustable buckle at the back to suit most infant sizes. This is very easy to Adjust. Unfasten safety clip and easily slip on. You can tighten up as necessary to avoid any slipping. It helps move freely in a comfortable position.
  • Made with high-quality, environmentally friendly PearlFoam. This is a premium latex material that is moisture-proof, very breathable, lightweight with superior buoyancy. It has elastic waterproof skin. BPA Free. This is soft and warm in the water.
  • No need to inflate, safer! This Baby Swim Float got inspiration from the lifebuoy of the ship. The inflatable swimming ring is a water toy, it’s easy to break and leak, which can easily cause accidents such as drowning. This non-inflatable swimming ring successfully solves these problems. There is no air leak or breakage without inflation. There will be no risk of drowning caused by air leaks.
  • Great Gift: This can be a great gift for toddlers. Kids love it! They are happy to wear it and have fun in the water with the help of this sweet swimming jacket. You can take it to a pool party or outdoor beach and your babies will have great fun!
  • Notice – It’s not used for life-saving. DO USE IT UNDER ADULT’S CONSTANT SUPERVISION.

Why isn't there any zipper head on the fabric cover?

According to the toy safety standards, no products shall have anyparts smaller than 31.7mm, so as to avoid the possibility of babiesaccidentally eating them once they fall off. Hence, the zipper headdesign has been replaced by enclosed design.

Do the products smell? Will the liner rot after long-term use in water?

No,our products do not smell. Made from Pearl-Foammaterials. our products are air free, environment-friendly,light,flexible and durable. Besides, they have beenaccredited by GB6675,EN 13138 and ASTM F963 safetystandards. Please restassured to use them.

Are the products really safe? Will they overturm forward or flip from sides?

Yes. Compared to inflatable swimming floats, our productsare safer as they are free from air leakage. Besides, theyhave greater buoyancy on water and are equipped withdouble safety buckles. However, they must be used inshallow water under adult supervision to ensure greatersafety of babies.

Can any of these be used in the ocean (gentle waves)?

It’s not recommended to use in the ocean or deep water because it’s not life-saving device. Please use in the private pool, tub, spa, beach or lake under adults' supervision. 

Can baby be placed in both breast stroke position and back stroke position?

Yes, but for over 6 months baby, we suggest that it would be better to keep breaststroke position when using this baby swimming float,it will be more safe.

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Perfect for my infant to swim in the family pool

This is a great swim float. My girl loves floating around. I like that we can have her learn to us it with her back so she can learn the position for rescue floating. But then we can move to have her facing forward as well. this float will last a long time. Also, she loves to kick her legs and steer it around the pool.

Must have!!

Our baby loves this float. It's comfortable, safe and well made. Only thing I found wrong, which isn't really anything big or important. The plastic cover over the belt release button keeps falling off. We snap it right back on but occasionally we have to fish it out of our big pool which can be a bit of a nuisance. Other that it's a great product.

Mambobaby Shoulder Float with Wings


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