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We regret to inform you that the product you were looking to purchase is no longer available. However, we recommend that you consider our alternative product, the Mambofish Classic Edition baby float. This product offers similar quality and functionality to your original choice and comes in three different colors: green, blue, and pink.

Weight 0.900 kg
Dimensions 50 × 48 × 15 cm


Weight Limit

13 – 40 lbs, 6 – 18 kg

Age Limit

3 to 24 months






Introducing the Mambobaby Float Edition

【360° FULL PROTECTION】Add removable tail, Prevent baby from flipping backward. Upgraded safety buckle, The Upgraded safety buckle provides 5 support points and a perfect 40°angle to keep a balance to avoid the baby flipping over and falling off. Upgraded into 2 swim ways which are backstroke and breaststroke with different buckle methods. Backstroke is Suitable for 3~6months baby, and breaststroke Suitable for 3~24months baby.

【Fits for Children weight from 13 to 40 lbs】 Suitable for Kids 3~24months. Adjustable buckle at the back to suit most infant sizes. This is very easy to Adjust. Unfasten the safety clip and easily slip on. You can tighten up as necessary to avoid any slipping. Helps move freely in a comfortable position.

【Adorable Color and Picture】Kids love it! They are happy to wear it and have fun in the water with the help of this sweet swimming float. Perfect choice for baby/infant use in swim pool, giant soaker tub, sea. your babies will have great fun!

【3RD UPGRADED VERSION】HECCEI 5th Generation Baby Swim Float comes with a removable canopy. The removable assemble UV-PROOF canopy sun canopy covered with UPF 50+ sunscreen coating protects the baby’s skin away from the sun. Make baby enjoy the swimming fun in summer.

Great Gift This can be a great gift for toddlers.  Mambobaby Baby Float Shark  Edition adds a removable tail, Look more like a shark, Kids love it! They are happy to wear it and have fun in the water with the help of this cute swimming float. Perfect choice for baby/infant use in swim pool, giant soaker tub, sea. your babies will have great fun!

【WARNING!】 The buoyant tail must be installed during the entire process of using the float, and the backstroke position can only be used for babies less than 6 months. Pool floats are not a substitute for swimming lessons or life vests. DO USE IT UNDER THE ADULT’S CONSTANT SUPERVISION. NEVER LEAVE A CHILD IN A POOL FLOAT WITHOUT SUPERVISION.


Why is the Mambobaby the best baby float?

The Safest Baby Float

Safety always comes first, especially with our littles. Mambobaby Float got the inspiration from the lifebuoy of the ship. There is no air leak or punctures risks without inflation. When we have better choices, why should we take the risk of drowning accidentally to air leakage? Upgraded double insurance safety buckle, provide 5 support points, and perfect 40°angle to keep a balance to avoid baby flipping over and falling off. Upgraded into 2 swim ways: backstroke and breaststroke with different buckle methods. Backstroke is Suitable for 3~12months babies, and breaststroke is Suitable for 3~24months babies.

The Most Comfortable

Mambobaby float is made with high-quality, environmentally friendly Pearl Foam. This is a premium latex material that is moisture-proof, very breathable, and lightweight with superior buoyancy. It has an elastic skin cover. BPA Free. soft and warm just like in mother’s arms but would never be too hot under the sun. Not to mention that there is a 50+ UV proof sunshade and a stabilizer(*some model) to prevent backflipping due to incorrect wearing or the baby is too active. Oh, please, let us help you get rid of those cheap, poorly made, PVC plastic inflate floats.

The Most Adorable

How can it be worthy of your pretty baby if Mambobaby is not pretty? The Mambobaby series has several cute designs. Dinosaur, unicorn, shark, spaceship, and our classic designs Mambo fish and flamingos. Comes with different color choices only to worthy your treasure littles. Babys love it! Unique and outstanding appearance design will make your baby the most dazzling new star in the whole swimming pool or the bathtub? LOL.

Durable and high quality

Our products are definitely worth the money. Because in the case of proper maintenance, it can be used for a long time. The eldest son used it and the second daughter can use it…. which is more cost-effective than buying an inflatable every year. For maintenance details, please refer to the product manual.

Why isn't there any zipper head on the fabric cover?

According to the toy safety standards, no products shall have anyparts smaller than 31.7mm, so as to avoid the possibility of babiesaccidentally eating them once they fall off. Hence, the zipper headdesign has been replaced by enclosed design.

Do the products smell? Will the liner rot after long-term use in water?

No,our products do not smell. Made from Pearl-Foammaterials. our products are air free, environment-friendly,light,flexible and durable. Besides, they have beenaccredited by GB6675,EN 13138 and ASTM F963 safetystandards. Please restassured to use them.

Are the products really safe? Will they overturm forward or flip from sides?

Yes. Compared to inflatable swimming floats, our productsare safer as they are free from air leakage. Besides, theyhave greater buoyancy on water and are equipped withdouble safety buckles. However, they must be used inshallow water under adult supervision to ensure greatersafety of babies.

Can any of these be used in the ocean (gentle waves)?

It’s not recommended to use in the ocean or deep water because it’s not life-saving device. Please use in the private pool, tub, spa, beach or lake under adults' supervision. 

Can baby be placed in both breast stroke position and back stroke position?

Yes, but for over 6 months baby, we suggest that it would be better to keep breaststroke position when using this baby swimming float,it will be more safe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
Reasonably priced!

Great product! Perfect for toddlers! My daughter loves being in it.

Heather L. Knight
Quality easy to use baby float

Loved the ease of use. Comfortable for the child and virtually impossible to flip over. Child in this picture is 27 pounds and 16 months old. It does say it's good to 36 months but I don't think our grandson could fit in it past 24 months. Cover comes off for easy drying. Love that it doesn't need to be inflated. Secure harness, child can face front or back.

Love it! Perfect for our 6 month old!

Our six month old LOVES this and I love having my hands free while we are in the pool together. Its so versatile, letting the little ones lay on their tummy or relax on their back and I love that is came with a sun canopy. We are very pleased with this purchase and would recommend to any one with little ones!

B.J. Williams
Best float ever! Totally worth it,

LOVE LOVE LOVE! We have an inground pool in our backyard, and these floats are amazing. I have 2, one for my 2 year old and one for my 1 year old. They both can be independent in the water with these on, obviously still under adult supervision, but I don't need to spend the whole afternoon holding 2 babies. They are so secure and I love the detachable sun shield. When they fall asleep in the floats, which always happens, I just attach the shield and let them float until my big kids are done swimming. It also lets them feel less afraid because they can be slightly independent. Such an awesome concept. So happy I found these! AND TOTALLY with the money! Great deal honestly, it lasts for more than 1 season. If you're on the fence just buy it! Trust me, you won't be sorry!

Summer Saver!

I thought that the first time we put him in it he would not have a good reaction... I was wrong! He LOVES this float (maybe just loves being in the water) but this float gives us as parents a piece of mind that he is safe a secure in this. Laying on his belly looking out or on his back relaxing he loves it. I would totally recommend this to other moms!

Mambobaby Baby Float Shark

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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