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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 9 cm

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Age Limit

0 to 6 months

Weight Limit

Max 12kg

  • The sensation of floating in warm water puts babies completely at ease and helps them build an abundant sense of safety.
  • Muscular strength is increased through the water’s gentle resistance.
  • Subtle water pressure on the chest can increase lung capacity by strengthening intercostal muscles and the respiratory system.
  • As babies kick around in the water, the small rocking waves they create will help to improve their balance and coordination and ultimately, support their ability to sit, crawl, and walk. Even if your baby falls asleep in the water, the rocking will continue with his/her rhythmic breathing.
  • Movement through the water has a positive effect on the digestive and circulatory systems. It helps to make your baby eat more, have better sleep, and solve the problem of constipation.

Mambobaby Neck Float DESCRIPTION:

  • Suitable for newborns from 0 – 6months old (Weight limit 12KG)
  • PearlFoam™ air-free Mambobaby neck float, no need to inflate, no risk of leakage. The non-inflatable liner is assembled from millions of tiny capsules.
  • Comes in 2 Sizes for a truly custom fit and safe experience. No more choking and restricted airways.
  • Dual adjustable buckles at the back of the ring to suit all infant sizes. It is very easy to adjust. Unfasten the safety clip and easily slip on. You can tighten up as necessary to avoid any slipping. It helps the baby move freely in a comfortable position.
  • Eco-friendly, waterproof, breathable, and smooth material protects the baby’s skin. No more worry about the safety of the baby’s neck at the seam of the plastic inflatable swim ring.

Will the Mambobaby neck float hold the neck too tight?

As long as the size you choose is larger than the size of your baby’s neck circumference, the float will not hold your baby’s neck. Using Pearl-Foam liner, this product is characterized by such features as lightness,flexibility.elasticitv and skin-friendlv fabrics. It will not cause harm to the baby’s neck. Please rest assuredto use it.


  • Will Not protect against drowning, use only under constant supervision of adults;
  • Hand wash with mild detergent, Do not scrub or brush;
  • Hang it in a cool and ventilated place after use in order to avoid mildew;
  • Keep away from fire and high temperatures, and sharp objects to avoid any damage.
Size M Size L
Size(Diameter) 9cm 10.5cm
Inner Perimeter 28cm 32cm
Weight <12kg <12kg

Why isn't there any zipper head on the fabric cover?

According to the toy safety standards, no products shall have anyparts smaller than 31.7mm, so as to avoid the possibility of babiesaccidentally eating them once they fall off. Hence, the zipper headdesign has been replaced by enclosed design.

Do the products smell? Will the liner rot after long-term use in water?

No,our products do not smell. Made from Pearl-Foammaterials. our products are air free, environment-friendly,light,flexible and durable. Besides, they have beenaccredited by GB6675,EN 13138 and ASTM F963 safetystandards. Please restassured to use them.

Are the products really safe? Will they overturm forward or flip from sides?

Yes. Compared to inflatable swimming floats, our productsare safer as they are free from air leakage. Besides, theyhave greater buoyancy on water and are equipped withdouble safety buckles. However, they must be used inshallow water under adult supervision to ensure greatersafety of babies.

Can any of these be used in the ocean (gentle waves)?

It’s not recommended to use in the ocean or deep water because it’s not life-saving device. Please use in the private pool, tub, spa, beach or lake under adults' supervision. 

Can baby be placed in both breast stroke position and back stroke position?

Yes, but for over 6 months baby, we suggest that it would be better to keep breaststroke position when using this baby swimming float,it will be more safe.

Customer Reviews

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This was so worth the money. The baby layer both ways. We were all at ease.... if you have a little one. It is so worth the money


My 3 month old loves splashing around in this float! It's great! Pricey but totally worth it!

Sean astrov

I absolutely love this float, so secure and safe. Very convenient for me to enjoy the pool with her but should have gotten the upgraded canopy for more sunshine protection! Great quality 10/10


My son absolutely loves it.


Love it! Worth the price for peace of mind that our baby is safe.

Mambobaby Neck Float