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PEARL – FOAM INFLATABLE LINER: A high-quality inner liner made of a million smaller capsules that give your baby a comfortable swimming experience

Comfortable Material: Eco-friendly, waterproof, breathable, light and smooth, three layers of fabric. Protect your baby’s skin without worrying about plastic seams

TWO BUCKLES AND DOUBLE PROTECTION: Two 5-point protection buckles made of carefully selected materials to completely prevent accidental opening

EASY TO PUT ON FOR BABY WEIGHT: The well-designed interior construction provides safety and comfort, while also being lightweight and convenient From 0 to 6 months and up to 26.6 lbs (12 kg)

Will the Mambobaby neck float hold the neck too tight?

As long as the size you choose is larger than the size of your baby’s neck circumference, the float will not hold your baby’s neck. Using Pearl-Foam liner, this product is characterized by such features as lightness,flexibility.elasticitv and skin-friendlv fabrics. It will not cause harm to the baby’s neck. Please rest assuredto use it.

Why isn't there any zipper head on the fabric cover?

According to the toy safety standards, no products shall have anyparts smaller than 31.7mm, so as to avoid the possibility of babiesaccidentally eating them once they fall off. Hence, the zipper headdesign has been replaced by enclosed design.

Do the products smell? Will the liner rot after long-term use in water?

No,our products do not smell. Made from Pearl-Foammaterials. our products are air free, environment-friendly,light,flexible and durable. Besides, they have beenaccredited by GB6675,EN 13138 and ASTM F963 safetystandards. Please restassured to use them.

Are the products really safe? Will they overturm forward or flip from sides?

Yes. Compared to inflatable swimming floats, our productsare safer as they are free from air leakage. Besides, theyhave greater buoyancy on water and are equipped withdouble safety buckles. However, they must be used inshallow water under adult supervision to ensure greatersafety of babies.

Can any of these be used in the ocean (gentle waves)?

It’s not recommended to use in the ocean or deep water because it’s not life-saving device. Please use in the private pool, tub, spa, beach or lake under adults' supervision. 

Can baby be placed in both breast stroke position and back stroke position?

Yes, but for over 6 months baby, we suggest that it would be better to keep breaststroke position when using this baby swimming float,it will be more safe.

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Travis Walker
Amazing Product!

This is the coolest thing. There are cheaper options, but they have deflating risks. Worth the money!

Bailee McElrath
Best Baby Water Neck Float!!

This has been the best proudct purchase for our family this year! Perfect for travel as well! We use this for our baby every time we go to the pool and she loves it!

KT Edmonson
Safe and secure for 5 month old

Felt more comfortable putting 5 month old in this floatation device than others we had tried.

Melissa Anderson
Big fan.

My four month old loved this. Easy to use.

Amazing to Protect Your Baby and Fun for Him/Her to Swim

This product is truly amazing! We bought and are keeping three

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