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Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 9.8 × 5.8 × 15 cm


Age Limit

2 to 6 years

Product Description

【LOVELY CARTOON DESIGN TO ENHANCE THE FUN OF BRUSHING TEETH】 The cute cartoon design make this lovely automatic toothbrush attractive to all kids, they are excited to brush their teeth with this funny toothbrush, easy and fun for little brusher ages 3 and up. This helps your kids be willing to brush their teeth longer even develop healthy brushing habits.
【IPX7 WATERPROOF】IPX7 waterproof sealing design is adopted, and babies can also use it when bathing. The product can be placed in a water depth of 1 meter and soaked for 15 minutes, and the product is still in normal use without being damaged.
【WIRELESS CHARGING】 The ultrasonic toothbrush is equipped with a wireless inductive charging seat, which can be discharged and charged instantly. The LED lights are on when USB charging is connected, and it only needs to be charged for 3 hours and can be used for 1 week. Safe, fast, and convenient, easy to use at home or travel.
【UNIQUE U-SHAPED DESIGN】 Ergonomic U-shaped brush head, suitable for the shape and mechanics of children’s teeth structure. Soft pacifier grade silicone, soft brim around the teeth 360 degrees, providing a comfortable feeling of brushing, the original V-shaped cleaning path, effective deep cleaning, will not harm the gums, protect children’s enamel.
【MULTIFUNCTIONAL MODE】Our automatic toothbrush can promote the health of gums and teeth through different functional modes: 1. Strong mode for powerful teeth brushing; 2. Medium mode for comfortable teeth brushing; 3. Massage mode for gum massage.50 secs scientific timing for each brushing, it stops automatically, Parents don’t have to face to face to urge children to brush their teeth.
【USAGE TIPS】 This toothbrush should be used with foam toothpaste. When brushing your teeth, please move left and right while adjusting the up and down angle to achieve the best cleaning effect. Replace the brushing head every 2-3 months to keep the brush head in good condition. Keep the toothbrush body dry while charging and its working time should be less than 10 mins.


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