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  • 3 FLIGHT MODE – When the foam glider “Gliding Mode” on top, it is the sliding mode; when the “Gyrant Mode” on top, the plane will circling in the sky, it depends on the installation position of the tail. and when you throw the foam aircraft reversal, it will be “Reverse Mode”, it is interesting.
  • GOOD FOR KIDS’ HEALTH – Outdoor sports are good for children’s health. Just give kids a chance for throwing these glider planes, they will get away from computer, television, play with it in your playroom, or outside for hours. Kids will learn how to launch and control the airplane toys, help your little ones develop coordination, critical thinking skills in a practical way, will also improve their hand-eye combination, coordination, observation, and the sense of direction.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL, EASY TO INSTALL – These airplane toys made of EPP high-polymer material, lightweight, good flexibility, impact resistance. Product tested safe for kids. Will not harm your kids, even if the plane hits him/her during landing. Easy to assemble – Don’t need a battery, just insert the wing and tail to the right place, you will be allowed to enjoy the game immediately.
  • For All Age – Not only for kids, but the whole family can also enjoy the happy hours in open areas such as backyard, sand beach, grasslands, yard, front door, park, and other places. Helps promote parent-child relationships. 4 pieces of foam inertia aerobatic airplanes included, allow children to race together. Which will encourage kids to share and negotiate, let them learn about the friendly competition while playing.
  • BEST GIFT CHOICE – A best outdoor gift for plane lovers, perfect for aviation and airplane theme parties. Also, this will be a cool glider plane for kids, when they are in family picnics, BBQ party, air-show, or just as a decoration for kids’ room. Also, you can use these glider planes as prizes or good behavior rewards at home. Best gift for 3 4 5 6 7 8 9-year-old boys&Girl.

Binding: Toy

Publisher: HECCEI®

Package Dimensions: 14.8 x 4.8 x 3.4 inches

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I love Stuff
Easy to assemble foam planes that work

These are great simple toys that provide plenty of enjoyment for young kids (and even older ones). My kids spent an hour in the park throwing these around and then running after them. They would have stayed longer, but dad needed to go grocery shopping.The product it self is simple. The planes arrive in very minimal packaging and in perfect condition. This is great. Less packaging is better when possible. To assemble, you slide in the large and small wings. You also place the windshield and you are good to go. I didn't expect these to last long but the planes survived a full hour of play outdoors with a few marks and grass stains. With that said, these are foam and can be snapped fairly easily if torqued. The blue and red speckled colors are vibrant and add to the overall aesthetic. This is a great and simple toy that is an easy recommendation to any parents out there with children past the mouth (sensory) phase.

Stacy J.
These little planes are great fun and very durable!

It's important to know that there are two size options of the same type of airplane both made of the same material. This 4 pack is for the smaller 12.4' airplanes but there are also 17.5' wide versions available as well. My kids and I have tried them both and we like the larger version a little better. They are both extremely durable and if they do break, some foam glue from the craft store does a great job with repairs. The larger version offers a different tail configuration which flies in a tighter loop and the wing is also wider so they glide slightly slower than the smaller versions. To me the smaller airplane feels more like throwing a dart that sort of glides but the larger one glides better.My two kids and my four nephews played with these planes for about 3 hours one day as they took turns. The youngest had some trouble throwing the airplane level so I had him pinch the wingtip and spin as if he was throwing a discus and that worked very well for him. Some of the kids were hit in the head a few times but the plane is so light it just bounces of anything hard with no damage to either the plane or the object/person.I highly recommend these planes (larger ones more so).

Brittany Cowan
Durabel for foam

Fun easter basket add on

seemed sturdy

I bought these planes for my grandchildren to use when they visited us. They were pretty easy to assemble and seemed sturdy but were very difficult to fly. Even the adults who tried to help the kids with the planes had trouble making them fly more than a couple of feet. I used to fly the old balsa wood planes from years ago and thought these would be as much fun, but sadly they were not.

Very cheap

These aren't the best foam planes out there pay a little more for better made ones. These are too small as well the bigger planes are better.

Foam Throwing Airplane Toys 4 Pack


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