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Everyone will go through the painful teething in the baby stage, and only will cry and cry to express the Sore Gums Pain.

Parents’ hearts will break and no mood to do other jobs or housework.

HECCEI aims to soothe the discomfort during the baby’s teething stage, let your child has less crying, more smiling!

We are a professional teether manufacturer, All of our products are safe in any aspect, you no need to worry about the material, psychical, and chemical safety.

We use only the top quality FOOD GRADE LIQUID SILICONE which means that:

you can put it in the FRIDGE to COOL. This is great because it will add a little extra soothing touch if needed and help alleviate the teething pain.

you won’t get worried about the baby hitting his/her head with our teething toy because it is SO SOFT, which makes it perfect for early teethers!

it is so EASY to KEEP IT NICE and CLEAN (if you have a silicone kitchen spatula you should know that).

This all makes the Heccei silicone teething toy a truly STRESS-FREE product that SAVES TIME. This is great because you’ll spend more quality time with your baby!

We’re not a big business, we’re a caring business. We stand for the uncompromising quality of our baby stuff and exceptional customer experience.

We believe that raising a child should be easy and fun for parents and that is helping you to do this with our useful and stylish products, we are creating happier moms and happier children.

Care instruction: Put them in hot water at least 1 minute for high-temperature cleaning before using; Clean them after using and store in the box after air-dried; With the temperature below 120℃/248℉.

Customer Reviews

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William Shaw
Worth the money

A lot smaller than I thought it would be but my daughter loves it! She always falls asleep holding it

Baby loves it

My 10 month old is teething and has been chewing on this elephant teether nonstop. It's easy for her little hands to hold and munch on.

Adorable elephant teether!

Adorable little silicone elephant teether! The arms are joined to the legs to give your little one an easy grasp. The back of the ears are textured to massage gums. This can go in the dishwasher for cleaning or handwashed. Comes with a plastic handled carrying case to keep it clean. The trunk is fun for little ones to chew on. We love this teether!

Breezy Andrews
Good for teething

It's a nice little teething toy. Firm for them to bite and chew on. It's like a solid rubbery silicone. It has a hole on the bottom that you can put in your finger like a puppet. It also has sensory bumps on the ears which is a nice addition. Overall cute little toy.

Una maravilla

Este juguete es muy sencillo y se le hace fcil de agarrar a mi beb

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