Product Details

1【Ergonomic Arc Handle】 The ergonomic arc handle and the non-slip design, which are comfortable and easy to grasp, and it is easy to send the meal to the mouth.
2【Advice of Child Nurses】It is easier for babies to learn to eat independently by using a bent spoon.
3【Food-grade Materials】Choose food-grade materials to protect the tip of your tongue. It does not contain BPA and is safe and odorless so that your baby can enjoy every bite of food with peace of mind.
4【Special Curved Spoon】Children are not accustomed to using straight-handled forks and spoons when they are learning to eat. They prefer to grab them directly with their hands. It is easy to bring dust into the body. The recessed arc spoon head can be filled with more food. The handle of the curved spoon is more suitable than the traditional handle for babies during the school and eating period.
5【Round and Smooth】 Round and smooth spoon shape, no angular surface, the arc of the spoon head is blunt, no burrs on the edge, don’t worry about hurting the baby’s delicate mouth.
6【high temperature】Can be sterilized in high-temperature water, high-quality PP material can be safely sterilized in high-temperature water
7【Package Included】1*spoon 1*fork

Curved Handle Fork and Spoon