Silicone Sucking Fingers Thumb Kit


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Age Limit

For ages 3 months and up

Product Description

【Quality material】thumb guard is made of quality silicone material, which is reliable and durable to use, the silicone part can be put in the mouth, which is soft and safe for the teeth, gums, and mouth; The wristband part is made of skin-friendly mesh, which is comfortable and breathable, protecting the child’s tender skin
【Practical design】the massage particles on the silicon surface can effectively massage the children’s gums, satisfying their needs for tooth massage, and also help them to get rid of the habit of sucking thumbs; The wristband design prevents the product from falling off the child’s hand, so it can be applied in various occasions; At the same time, can also adjust the tightness according to the child’s hand shape
【Easy way to use】the thumb finger guard can be boiled in hot water for cleaning before the first use; After use, it is recommended to soak and rinse with clean water; Easy to use, just simply open the strap, the finger guard can be worn on the hands of children
【Suitable age】suitable for children from 3 months old to 2 years old; Children in this period of time are weak and are in the critical period of tooth growth; Long-term finger sucking can easily lead to uneven teeth arrangement, and affect chewing and vocalization; The silicone finger guard can help children get rid of the habit of sucking their fingers


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