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Product Details

  • 1. Our cloth books for babies are made of non-toxic, safe, and high-quality materials, with super durability and strong stitching power. The color will not fade, and the soft book will not tear due to washing. In order to make it easier to carry your baby’s cute friends everywhere, each book is equipped with a fabric Velcro loop, which can be easily fixed on a stroller or car seat.

  • 2. You can read cloth books with your baby, and let your baby get close to nature. It can also stimulate children’s language ability, reading ability, sensory ability, communication ability, and rich imagination so that your child will win at the starting line. This will be the perfect book.

    3. Soft activity books are lifelong and never-get-old gifts for infants and toddlers. Whatever age and gender you are planning to gift, our soft baby books are ideal newborn developmental toys for 3 months+, perfect gift for baby showers, birthdays, and Christmas.

Baby Cloth Books with Tails



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