About Mambobaby

Hi, I am your old friend, Remus, the founder of Mambobaby and the father of three children. Like all of you, we all want to find the best, safest and most comfortable products for our children.

As a programmer, I started my business on Taobao.com in 2004. At the beginning, I sold inflatable baby swimming floats to customers in Taiwan, China. I have been running my business for seventeen years. With three children coming to my life, I also met various parenting problems that parents would met as well. During this process, I combined the inspiration in life with industrial design and applied it to Mambobaby products. Mambobaby products are just like children’s growth, overcoming problems all the way and constantly upgrading.

Through 17 years of striving, Mambobaby has obtained hundreds of patents in China and several invention patents in the United States. The products have also been approved and recommended by parents in dozens of countries. “Free of inflation and leakage” Mambobaby non-inflatable baby swimming floats have already became standard equipment of baby swimming centers in Europe. Don’t be surprised! The European baby spa centers also use neck floats for baby swimming, and all practitioners are qualified as midwives. The Mambobaby baby float is popular in the US market, and it has been awarded as “Amazon Choice”. The price of the new airplane chest float is as high as 129 US dollars on Amazon. American parents have given the Mambobaby baby swimming ring the reputation of “ the Best Float Ever”. Mambobaby swimming ring, known as the “Baby toy in the pool”, played more than 60 million times on TikTok.