The Must-Have Solid Mambobaby float

The Best Baby Float Ever

The Mambobaby Float is better than ever, this latest and greatest infant swimming training device features improved safety harnesses, better anti-flip properties, and refinement to the overall design. This air-free baby float now comes with a 50+ UV proof canopy to protect your baby’s sensitive skin from harsh sun rays while they’re blissfully floating about. And the Mambobaby float 2020 also added a detachable stabilizer – add a tail to further effectively prevent backflip.


Non-inflatable Air Free

We got inspiration from the lifebuoy on the boat. Mambobaby floats are non-inflatable, so you don’t need to worry about punctures or inflating when its tie to let your little ones go for a splash in the water.

No inflation, safer

mambobaby float foam

The pearl foam non-inflatable inner liner is assembled from millions of small capsules. The surface is made of 3 layers of soft fabric to care for the baby’s skin.

2-in-1 Swimming Methord

mambobaby 2 swimming ways

2 swimming ways which are backstroke and breaststroke with different buckle method. Backstroke Suitable for babies from 3 ~ 12 months, and breaststroke Suitable for 3 ~ 24months.

5 Points protection

Safe and Stable

mambobaby float safe

Vest-style close-fitting, shoulders, chest, crotch, safe and stable. Widened on both sides, effectively preventing rollover and forward tilt.

Durable and Well Made

mambobaby safe buckles

We choose the best quality materials, durable, environmentally friendly and skin-friendly. Does not contain any harmful substances.

Your Littles Will Make Mambobaby Their Personal Favorite

Mambobaby - Perfect Float for Infant & Baby

The Safest Baby Float

Perfect Float for Infant & Baby

There is no air leak or punctures risks without inflation. Upgraded double insurance safety buckle, provide 5 support points, and perfect 40°angle to keep a balance to avoid baby flip. 2 swim ways which are backstroke and breaststroke with different buckle method. Backstroke Suitable for babies from 3 ~ 12 months, and breaststroke Suitable for 3 ~ 24months.

Patented Technology

The Most Comfortable Baby Float

Mambobaby made with high quality, environmentally friendly patented Pearl-Foam. This is a premium latex material that is moisture-proof, very breathable, lightweight with superior buoyancy. It has elastic skin cover. BPA Free. soft and warm just like in mother’s arms but would never too hot under the sun. Not to mention that there is a 50+ UV proof sunshade and a stabilizer to prevent backflipping.

mambobaby - patented award
mambobaby - durable and high-quality

Durable and High Quality

Innovation Water Fun

The Mambobaby series has several cute designs. Dinosaur, unicorn, shark, spaceship, and our classic designs Mambo fish and flamingos. Comes with different color choices only to worthy your treasure littles. Babys love it! Unique and outstanding appearance design will make your baby the most dazzling new star in the whole swimming pool or the bathtub? LOL.

Easy To Use

After wearing it according to the instructions in the manual, you can start playing happily! Please use it under the constant supervision of an adult.

how to use mambobaby

Mambobaby Float Customer Reviews

mambobaby float reviews

“Fantastic. Worth the expense for me to have confidence with the baby in the pool. I have three older children to keep track of when swimming, and having a tiny baby in the pool isn’t exactly the most relaxing experience for a mom. We are always on the lookout for trouble. This float is really well made and I feel very confident with its design. I like that it is not inflatable. The foam inside is very dense….”

Mary DuPuy

“I bought this for my grandchild. The baby loves it but more importantly, we love how secure they are, how easy it is to get them in/out of it. The sunscreen is useful. And we all love spending time together in the water!”

R Widrick
mambobaby float reviews
mambobaby float reviews

“I thought this to be a bit pricey but would buy it over again. Our grandson is 14 months old and absolutely loves it. He is free to kick his feet and seems to feel very secure in the water. Don’t let the price hold you back from purchasing this float.”


“My grandson loved it. First time in our pool. He laughed and giggled and kicked his little legs!”

Dale Robertson

I haven’t written a review for a product in a LONG time. I have purchased several pool floats for my little guy and have been disappointed by all. this one is by far the BEST and worth the money. I have been lured into some terrible baby products online before and was nervous, but this raft is legit. I have a 22lb 9 month old. He fits into the raft comfortably with room to grow. The back of the raft is an adjustable 5pt harness and he can lay on his tummy or back. The float is not air filled which is fantastic because it seems those are always deflating. The only downside is it is a little bulky if you are traveling with it. It stays afloat and is impossible to tip. We’vee had it in the pool and lake and are headed to the beach next week. The boy can slash and look around or lay his head down and snooze safely with his head out of the water. I wish they made adult versions of this raft!!!

Brian Braswell

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mambobaby float baby shark float

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Choose Your Favorite Style

How can it be worthy of your pretty baby if Mambobaby float is not pretty?

Deluxe Edition

mambobaby float green

Mambo Fish

Deluxe Edition

mambobaby float pink


Limited Edition

mambobaby baby shark float blue

Baby Shark Blue

Limited Edition

mambobaby baby shark float pink

Baby Shark Pink

Special Edition

mambobaby float spaceship blue

Spaceship Blue

Lite Edition

mambobaby baby float lite

Lite Green

Lite Edition Standard Edition Deluxe Edition Special Edition Limited Edition
Security buckle
Adjustable size
Removable Tail X X with Tail with Tail with Tail
Removable Canopy purchased separately with Canopy with Canopy with Canopy with Canopy
Water-proof Fabric X
mambobaby baby shark float blue with tail and canopy

Add removable tail to prevent backflip.

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Mambobaby Float Family

Honored by HECCEI, Mambobaby accompanies your baby to grow up from birth to 8 years old. Keep away from Dangerous inflatable baby floaties.

From 0 – 12 months

Mambobaby neck float

Mambobaby Neck Float


From 3 – 24 months


Mambobaby Float


From 2 – 8 years old

mambobaby arm float

Mambobaby Arm Float


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